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Welcome to the new guide for how to conveniently contact each department of HMRC – HM Revenue & Customs – Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs – the Tax Office. Featuring popular contact telephone numbers, email addresses and postal/physical addresses – any time you need to contact the tax office check here first!

Alcohol Duties

If you require further information about the payment of an alcohol duties form, or for assistance completing a WMW1 then you can contact the HMRC on their Alcohol Duties telephone number.

Business Support

You are advised to contact the Government Business Support office on their UK contact number for enquiries about completing your self assessment tax returns form or to query a tax bill payment.


HM Revenue & Customs

To contact HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) you can phone their general enquiries helpline, or call the most relevant number to your enquiry whether it be for income tax, national insurance, benefits or something else. ContactNumbers.buzz has a great set of contact numbers and alternative contact details much like this site does, and they have a page dedicated to HMRC contact numbers.


Budgeting Loans

Contact a DWP representative on the Budgeting Loans telephone number for enquiries about how to complete an application form or to discuss how much credit that you may be entitled to.


Child Tax Credit

HMRC has its own department for Child Tax Credits and you should call their general enquiries number to contact a representative for over-the-phone support regarding your application.

Income Support

Call the Income Support office on their UK phone numbers to contact a representative about filing a new benefit claim, to report changes in your personal circumstances and to dispute a decision to reduce your payments.

Self Assessment

Self-employed workers and business owners can contact the HMRC telephone number for Self Assessment enquiries for support with their returns form or to report a change of address.

Universal Credit

Contact Universal Credit advisors on their UK telephone numbers to apply for a Budgeting Advance loan, to make a new benefits claim and to notify them about a change in your employment circumstances.

Warm Front

You can contact a representative from the Warm Front Discount Scheme on their general enquiries contact number to check your eligibility for he electricity bill reduction.

Working Tax Credits

If you are in employment but on a low income, you may wish to contact the HMRC phone number for Working Tax Credits  to check your eligibility for the benefit.

Other contact numbers

If you’ve managed to save money on your taxes throughout the year you may want to contact Camp America from the UK on their general enquiries telephone number for information about the role of a counsellor in one of their US sites.