CSA Contact Number: 0800 083 5130

If you want to get the help of the CSA to collect child support from your ex-lover, call the new Maintenance Options helpline on freephone number 0800 083 5130 or then contact your local CSA office on its dedicated phone number as follows.

The Belfast CSA office phone number is 0345 609 0092. The Birkenhead CSA number is 0345 609 0082. The Dudley CSA number is 0345 609 0062. The Falkirk CSA number is 0345 609 0042. The Hastings CSA number is 0345 609 0052 and the Plymouth CSA number is 0345 609 0072.

When couples are riding the high of a new romance, things seem perfect. They get along perfectly and love can conquer all. After a while however, when things become a little boring, things fall apart. When there is a third party to the mix, as in their child, the break up becomes messy. Child support needs to be paid and this is where the CSA comes in.

Contact Numbers for CSA

To get assistance from the right CSA office, you need to phone the right number.

If you’re in Eastern England or Northern Ireland, then the Belfast office is the one you should contact on 0345 609 0092 (by phone) or 0345 713 2243 if you are using a textphone service.

You should contact the CSA Birkenhead office on their phone number 0345 609 0082 or 0345 713 8099 (by textphone) if you are located in North-West England or Wales.

If you’re in the Midlands, then the Dudley office is the one you should contact the CSA on 0345 609 0062 (by phone) or 0345 713 1707 and 0845 713 1707 (by textphone for £0.07/min + your operator’s access charge).

If you’re are situated in North East England or Scotland then please contact the CSA on 0345 609 0042 (by phone) or 0345 713 6804 (by textphone).

If you’re in South-East England, then the Hastings office is the one you should contact on 0345 609 0052 (by phone) or 0345 713 4700 (by textphone).

If you’re in South-West England then contact the CSA on their local-rate telephone number 0345 609 0072 or call 0345 713 7217 if you are hard of hearing and therefore require textphone or minicom services.

If you filed your case before March 2003, then you should first call them up on the telephone on 0345 713 3133 or on the textphone on 0345 713 8924 to get some information and support.