Government Business Support Contact Number: 0300 456 3565

The UK Government business support telephone number 0300 456 3565 is useful for any professional looking to contact a government representative for advice regarding their tax payments or self-assessment form.


Number for Corporate Tax Enquiries: 0300 456 3565

The GOV.UK business support contact number 0300 456 3565 can be phoned by any business-owner looking for advice regarding their corporate tax payments. For instance, you may have enquiries about how to complete your Self Assessment Tax Returns, whether you are filling out an online or paper form. A HMRC representative can detail how to use a SA100 form to file a tax return, report your income or to claim tax reliefs as well as due repayments. You can even use this number for support when finding the relevant tax code, updating your code or when completing a PAYE form for an employee.

Moreover, it is advised that you use the Government Business Support number 0300 456 3565 if you are worried about paying your tax bill on time. If you are unable to pay your corporation tax bill in one go, you should use this number to ask how to set up a payment plan to clear any arrears in a series of instalments. Furthermore, if you have been contacted by a Debt Collection Agency on behalf of the HMRC, you should contact GOV.UK business support to verify that they are a genuine firm. You can also contact the GOV.UK department if you disagree with a recent tax decision in regards to your business.

Alternatively, the above helpline number can be used for non-tax related enquiries. For instance, you should the business support number for information about the government-backed financing schemes designed to help support new businesses. You may even wish to contact the GOV.UK helpline for assistance when completing a business plan before applying for a commercial loan from your bank or building society.


Information about Call Costs

Phone Numbers that begin with ’03,’ will cost no more than the standard per-minute rate for any other geographic call made from a UK landline or mobile phone. However, the Government Business support office may be free to contact if you have inclusive minutes with your mobile tariff or if you have free calls to local numbers bundled in your landline deal. You will be able to make your corporate tax enquires throughout the typical working week, during the hours of 9am-6pm Monday to Friday, but the helpline is closed on weekends.


Email the GOV.UK Office

Understandably, you may be busy during business hours but can still make your tax enquiries when contacting a government advisor via email. Therefore, the email address for the Government Business Support department is as follows: