Universal Credit Contact Number: 0345 600 0723

Contact Universal Credit advisors on the UK government’s dedicated phone number 0345 600 0723 to apply for benefit payments, for an emergency loan request and to complain if you haven’t been paid your monthly allowance.

Universal Credit is the relatively new benefits system by the UK government which replaces several other allowances including housing benefit, working tax credit and the employment support allowance (ESA). You can phone their advisor helpline on the UK contact number 0345 600 0723 to submit a new claim for Universal Credit, to track an existing application and to find out how much money you are entitled to under this benefits scheme. Moreover if you are on an aforementioned alternative benefit such as ESA you can call this helpline to discover how your payments will be affected and when you will be switched onto Universal Credit. You will have to attend an interview in order to claim Universal Credit so please call this helpline if you are unable to attend the meeting at your local Jobcentre Plus office on the arranged date due to a medical concern.

Existing Universal Credit claimants should also call this helpline for information on when their benefits will be paid and to notify the government about a change in your personal circumstances which may affect how much money you are entitled to, such as redundancy. You should also phone this number to make a complaint against the Universal Credit office if they have not paid you according to their agreed schedule, if you have been repeatedly underpaid or if your payments have been lowered unfairly under their ‘sanctioning’ terms.


Universal Credit loans – 0345 600 0723

Contact the Universal Credit team on their general enquiries phone number 0345 600 0723 to apply for a loan known as a Budgeting Advance through this benefits system. This can cover emergency payments such as new household appliances or transport to a job interview, however you will pay the loan back through your current Universal Credit repayments so these will be reduced during this period. You can also call this helpline to file an official dispute with the government if you believe that you have been unfairly denied a Budgeting Advance loan in order to get their decision overturned.


Universal Credit telephone numbers

Universal Credit department Contact number
General enquiries and new claims 0345 600 0723
Universal Credit enquiries in Welsh language 0345 600 3018
Apply for Universal Credit (Welsh residents) 0800 012 1888
Universal Credit textphone helpline 0345 600 0743